BBBEE Level 1 partnership with The Makers Make Studio

The Team

Jodene Shaer (Head Strategist)

Jodene is a teacher at heart with a passion for demonstrating what a life of courage, consciousness and a sense of humour looks like. She is a dedicated entrepreneur, blogger and a successful online engagement specialist with a notable online presence that has over the past few years generated a significant social media following, who eagerly engage with her to gain insight into what it means to live #ProjectMe.

Graye Olifant

Graye Olifant (Director The Makers Make Studio & Graphic Designer)

Graye started her business in 2013 after being diagnosed with Bipolar 1, which changed her life significantly. She used her creative skills as therapy while starting a business that would accommodate her difficulties. Her business started in a garage, drawing and illustrating images for friends and family. Graye gravitated towards graphic design because she is a visionary with tons of ideas and was eager to see them come to life. Graye has worked with clients on great projects so far and is looking forward to more collaborative projects with South Africa’s top businesses.


Bianca Estelle James (Senior Account Manager)

Bianca “The Crea-Twit” loves a creative place to play and Chat Factory is the perfect space! A strong female with a flawless work ethic who is also known for being a “jack of all trades”, easily adaptable, highly motivated, team cheerleader and a tad over-organised she is ALL IN or NOTHING AT ALL!

A social media enthusiast passionate about online marketing, content curation and community management (also blogs for love…).

Other then being online you’ll find her at uber cool food spots, live concerts or kiddies parties.


Mpho Longwe (Account Manager)

Mysteriously an introvert at heart, conversation comes naturally to Mpho Longwe and online engagement is no exception. From juggling different personas, to online crisis management and account analysis – Community Management is home. With a background of events co-ordination and a passion for radio, managing client communities online is done effortlessly.

Mpho is constantly belting out in laughter, incessantly attached to her mobile… but never missing a beat of the real world.

Greg Arthur

Greg Arthur (Co-Owner of Chat Factory – UK Office Executive)

Greg is a People Development and Change Management specialist with a special gift for communicating with and listening to people. Known for his integrity, charisma, vision, humour and business acumen, he has developed a reputation as a free thinker with the unique ability to see others’ visions and translate them into working plans.
Greg is based in London and heads up Chat Factory in the United Kingdom. When Greg is not working social, he is being social, with a passion for running and exploring the architecture of the world.

Bruce Young

Bruce Young (Website Marketing)

Bruce is a specialist in website design and marketing, with over fifteen years experience.
He has assisted both individual and corporate clients to establish an effective online presence.
The scope of work extends from the website concept through to the final design and search engine optimisation.

Bruce has a unique insight into taking business online and is able to add value to the final online product. His knowledge of Google enables him to cater to Google’s requirements.